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Admission Essay Writing 
Essay writing is an important part of the admissions process. Your recognition will help college essay whether of not you are a good fit for their school. Here you will learn everything you need to know about writing essays of the selection committee.


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College Essays That made a difference is an impressive collection of samples of essays, interviews and essay writing tips. This book would be an asset entrants. Read the full review of the book here.


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How to write Introduction essays

The main purpose of this introduction is to give the reader a clear idea of the focal point essay. It should attract the reader’s attention , as this is the part when he decides if the essay is worth reading to the end or not.

The introduction should be written in accordance with the following scheme :

general information
attention grabber
Information on leading to the thesis
Dissertation statement
General information about the topic to be presented to validate the data

The best way to attract the reader’s attention in the introductory part of any essay is to use literature passages.

The purpose of these passages to make the reader pay attention to the implementation and administration of the whole essay by the fact that a completely new for him / her .
This fact should point reveals the author clearly and vividly.
Appropriate anecdote on the subject can do a good job in getting the reader’s attention . This is a story that will support the main argument of the author, but to make it effective it must be relevant to the topic essay.
Suitable technology dialogue can also be used in the introduction. Two or three columns are intended to clarify the point of the author to the reader.
The transition to the thesis carried out by a few sentences describing essay topic in the general character and gradually tapers to a thesis.
Dissertation finished Introduction paragraph statement and proved the reader with a crystal clear understanding of the main argument of the author on the topic essay.
This structure gives the introduction of the essay writer to the reader gradually begin to analyze the topic and conclude with a strong thesis to identify the essence of the essay.

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College admission statistics show that 90% of the world leading colleges and universities require all the admission applicants to submit application essays prior to their admission. The college admission essay is one the mandatory application requirement without which an applicant cannot even be short listed for an admission interview. Statistics from American Joint University Admission Board reveal that application essays account to 50% of the total score on all the applicants therefore any applicant who accidentally or deliberately fail to submit their application essays are bound to flop in their hopes of securing admission in their preferred colleges.
Many applicants have really questioned the use of college admission essays in the selection process for a very long period of time. With every passing year, the growing number of applicants wishes that that their preferred college would scrap off admission essay as a requirement for the admission application but colleges still hold onto their guns.
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The latest interview carried out in the United States of American amongst college applicants made a stunning revelation that approximately 70% of the college applicants were strongly opposed to the admission essay as a requirement for college admission. On the other hand, only 25% appreciated the use of admission essays although a section of them also recommended that application essays should be optional.
Regardless of the stand taken by the applicants in regard to whether the application essays should be scrapped off as an admission application requirement or not, the essays play a very big role in the entire admission process. They assess the applicants’ writing ability and reveal much about the individual applicant’s character and personality thus, could not be wished away.

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People believe that positive change can only be realized if schools teach young children the virtues that will make them responsible adults. When a person wants to construct a firm structure, the foundation must always be strong. Therefore, societies should construct a firm foundation by ensuring that all children got the best education and were told good values. It will be difficult for a child to abandon the good morals that he or she grew up practicing. As they say, practice is next to habit and habit is next to personality. What a person is used to become part of him or her and it will be hard for that person to let it go easily. Magdalene was taught that she should do things right. Her mother never accepted things done without a procedural manner and would always reprimand Magdalene to repeat anything that she did wrongly. Magdalene never dared to do anything that she was not sure. During her college application, she could not use the college common application prompts without first confirming that the college allowed students to use such prompts.
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She feared that the college had its special prompts and writing application using the common prompts would be a waste of effort. She and her mother made all sorts of enquiry because they were not ready to make mistakes that were preventable before they occurred. With such a habit Magdalene grew knowing what to do and where to do and at what time. She is always grateful to her mother who shaped her behavior and modeled her to be always principled and always right. Every time she is about to make a mistake she remembers the teachings of her mother and corrects are steps immediately.

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The sweetness of every job comes in through the fruit it bores via compensation, payment or any other kind of both formal and informal agreement before being assigned the task. It is normal for every grownup to have experienced an awful day while performing a particular assigned task in his or her lifetime. Some people are simply lucky never to have experience such a day, but others have met such days once, twice or thrice. This is a typical day at the worst job one has ever come across. Well, I too am unlucky to have experienced such a day. I recall that I once had a very good friend of mine called Tom. Tom was a friend of mine since high school days. I trusted and treated him just like my own brother. He did the same for me, and we were so close such that other people would suggest that we were brothers. The only difference between us was the financial status. Tom came from a wealthy family, but my parents were only casual laborers.
Three negative feelings
It happened that after we were through with our high school, Toms’ family was to host their entire extended family for a very crucial family gathering at their home. They were to look for several people to help them in their preparation work that included tidying the whole place. These included shaping the compound by trimming the flowers, shaping the trees, watering them, sweeping etc. My father was the right candidate for the task, but he had a fever at the time. Tom suggested that since I was not schooling at that time, I could perhaps do the 3 day work and earn myself an extra dollar to help my family through the financial difficulties at the time. We agreed a pay of 30$ for the 3day work. He told me that he was to inform his parents about the agreement and everything was to be sorted out upon completion of the task. I worked tirelessly for the three days. However, I never knew that the third day was the one that would change our lives. The drama that unfolded towards the end of the day left my heart with a wound that has never healed to date.
Upon completion of the work, Tom breached the terms of the agreement. Instead of presenting me with the 30$ we agreed on, he only gave me 10 dollars claiming that all through I was feeding at their place. He also said that I had his debt and wanted to settle it at that moment.
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I was so shocked on how my friend could just turn against me at a time when I was in need of money. I was to settle my father’s hospital bill among other personal requirements. I felt a sense of loneliness. This was brought about by the fact that my closest friend could turn against me, and I knew pretty well he knew my situation at that moment.
I also felt bored with life on that particular day. I wondered why the world was not on my side. I felt as if I would cease from living in the unfair world painted in blue and red. I could not stand Tom’s words, and they made feel weak as he altered word by word. I guess Tom had a misunderstanding with his parents that day, and he relived the anger on me. I wondered why he had to do such a thing to his close friend.
I left the premises filled with anger. I was extremely angry considering that after working for 3 full days, I was not given the full compensation. I was wondering how I would explain it to my mum after giving her all the hopes of getting some cash. I got angrier when I thought of facing my little brother and sister having promised to purchase several items for them. I was expected to buy my father some drugs among other things. I felt bitter and termed that day as one of the worst in my life.

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